• 5 Things You Absolutely Must Consider When Pricing Affordable Office Cleaning Services

  • Deciding which office cleaning services company to outsource is a lot more difficult than deciding a housekeeping maid company for your house. It is not merely because an office is a more complex building, but because outsourcing your janitorial to an office cleaning company is like building a professional relationship. Your company is going to cooperate with the janitorial services company in providing a clean, healthy and professionally-looking environment for employees, clients, customers or other visitors. Thus, your decision is expected to be time-and-money effective. Getting the absolute lowest cleaning services prices is not necessarily a sensible goal.

    In the search for a professional office cleaning service, there are five criteria you have to consider including sustainability, employment, effective cleaning system, safe cleaning products, commercial grade equipment and professionalism of the company.

    #1. Sustainability

    With thousands of office cleaning companies out there, getting affordable cleaning services prices is not a difficult task. However, there are times where getting the lowest prices is not the only important. Instead of looking for the lowest prices, your company is more looking for a company that can be depended on in terms of cleaning services. Many companies, yes, offer incredibly low prices for their services; but, not many of them can really survive while the prices of quality cleaning products and equipment keep going up. At times, they end up sacrificing the quality of their services, which is bad for your company. Or, if the companies somehow close their business, your company will be troubled with the search for another cleaning company.

    #2. Employment

    Regardless their prices, professional cleaning companies always try to provide perfection to everything they do. They will carefully listen to what your company needs and ask a list of important questions before making a unique cleaning plan for your company. Detailed information such as employee population, quantity of shifts, number of daily visitors, the number, size and quantity of fixtures in every room, and square footage of carpets or tiles are often asked to evaluate your company’s requirements and determine the correct amount of labor.

    #3. Effective cleaning system

    An effective janitorial system always results in the lowest cleaning services prices. Professional cleaning services will design a unique system based on the cleaning requirements of your company. The system is made by considering the protection of valuable building assets and the safety of the occupants. With the janitorial system, your company can save money and time in the office cleaning in a long term.

    #4. Safe cleaning products & commercial-grade equipment

    Professional office cleaning company will pay attention to the details about their cleaning products and equipment. They will avoid cleaning products with hazardous chemicals or cleaning equipment with a minimum safety feature.

    #5. Professionalism

    Many office cleaning companies require their cleaners or supervisor to wear a uniform at work or use a pictured ID badge. This policy makes the companies look more professional and reliable. Additionally, the use of pictured ID badges can avoid unauthorized people from entering your office without you noticing.